Boudoir Photography | 5 Things Not To Do Before Your Boudoir Session

A good boudoir photographer will prepare you for your session ahead of time and help you with things like wardrobe, hair/makeup expectations, prepping your skin and nails and what to expect on the day of. A GREAT boudoir photographer will also tell you what NOT to do before your session. You should feel fully prepared by the time the big day finally arrives. Read below for the top 5 things not to do before your boudoir session.

Oklahoma Boudoir Photography

1. Spray Tan

Tanning is probably one of the biggest hot buttons in boudoir photography. LOL...seriously. But tanning, especially spray tanning is not a good idea before your session. I get it...I love to have a little color on me to feel good too, but just don't. Modern digital cameras pick up all the orange in the spray formula (even if it looks St. Tropez bronze to you). It is impossible to smooth out and makes the skin look muddy. With a great photographer and makeup artist, you won't need the added color to look fabulous.

2. Wax The Day Before

Waxing is a great idea, but make sure you get your services done the week before. Waxing the day before can leave skin red and irritated which is not a good look for your photoshoot. 


Don't wait until right before your session to start planning outfits. The key to a flawless session is to bring outfits that fit like a glove. I can't tell you how many clients have brought things that they have never tried on. You will look better and feel more confident by planning your wardrobe and doing a fit test way in advance.

4. Neglect Your Nails

Make sure you don't forget to paint your fingers and toes. Some clients love to get a mani/pedi right before or you can simply just paint them yourself. Your hands are in almost every photograph and bare nails can look undone next to your professional hair and makeup. I advise to stick with neutral or classics like french, nude, red , vamp or black. 

5. Stress

There is a lot of planning that goes into a quality boudoir session. Mostly it is fun, but some can make themselves a wreck by stressing about the details. Relax and give yourself plenty of time for planning and self care. You are worth it darling!

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