Boudoir Photography | Top 5 Side Effects No One Told You About A Boudoir Session

Boudoir photos usually start out as a gift for your significant other. They are the ultimate groom's gift or a way to spark romance for a 20th anniversary. But boudoir session side effects are where the good stuff is. Read on to see what you can expect from your very own boudoir experience.

Oklahoma Boudoir Photography

1. You are going to be sore. 

This is for real! You will feel amazing from the pampering, but posing this way takes lots of work. I always say of you don't feel a little bit silly and hurt a tad, you are probably not doing it right. But never fear, I am there to guide you the entire way and push you into those beautiful lines.

Oklahoma Boudoir Photography

2. It is a gift for you.

Most of my clients book a session to make a beautiful gift for their significant other. But the real gift is for you. These sessions can be life changing and help get your mojo back. As women we can forget to take time for ourselves and a boudoir experience is the ultimate indulgence.

Oklahoma Boudoir Photography

3. See yourself through other's eyes.

I can't tell you how many times my client's say "I can't believe that is me" when they see their images on the back of the camera. Yes,'s you! When you step back and let a professional do their thing, it puts your best foot forward. You get to see how I see you and better yet, how your significant other sees you all the time. It's magical.

Oklahoma Boudoir Photography

4. Step outside your comfy zone.

Getting outside your norm is where the good stuff happens. The measurable change. I pride myself on providing a safe, loving environment where my clients are given permission to let go. 

Oklahoma Boudoir Photography

5. Sky high confidence.

The confidence you gain from a session carries on to the real world. I've gotten so many messages from past clients telling me how their session empowered them to do something big. Go after a dream job, leave a bad relationship, take control in the bedroom, wear a bikini for the first time ever. These are just a few examples of newfound confidence. 

Oklahoma Boudoir Photography

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