Boudoir Photography | Take It Outside The Bedroom With The Top 3 Alternate Boudoir Locations

Beds, chairs, sofas, mirrors, sheets, etc are main staples in boudoir photography. These environments are a natural setting for lingerie and nudes. But don't be afraid to take it outside the bedroom. Some of my best work has been in an alternate location creating stunning backdrops for your boudoir photography. Take a look at the top 3 alternate locations for your very own boudoir experience.

1. Get Outdoors

Consider using natural elements for your boudoir shoot. Whether its the beach, a dense forest or snow topped mountains, outdoor areas can elevate your pictures to a more editorial look.

Oklahoma Boudoir Photography

2. Milk Bath

Milk baths can take on a mood all their own. Using bright or moody light can create two totally different looks. Also adding different colored flowers, fruit or colored water can customize your session to your p[articular vibe. Sheer dresses, lingerie or nude works best in these types of sessions.

Oklahoma Boudoir Photography
Oklahoma Boudoir Photography

3. Window

Take advantage of all types of windows, big and small. Windows with panes and lines can give a industrial feel while using bright windows with sheers can really soften an images. If you lucky enough to have a small window seat or ledge you can create an entire set around one window. 

Oklahoma Boudoir Photogrphy

Do you have an amazing alternate location you would love to have your boudoir session taken in? Drop me a line and let's chat!

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